Wednesday, May 15, 2013

:: So now I'm a farmer's wife

You would think after making 69 blocks, 14 to go would be nothin.  But crazy as it is, these were my hardest to find motivation to do.  I have a few other quilts in the works, and it was all I could do to not break them out and work on them.  But I knew if I stopped, I wouldn't finish this one for a long time.  Don't get me wrong, I love making these, but here at the end I lost a bit of steam.  My rule was good for me, and forced me to finish!  Now I am SO glad I did.
I'm so glad to have made these last 14 blocks, and the sluggishness I felt before starting has now completely evaporated at the thought of sewing them all together and getting to see what it will look like!  So hold on, cause here's the last (long) lineup of blocks, completing my 83 total.
Block 92 - Streak of Lightning
 Block 81 - Snowball
 Block 101 - Wedding Ring
Block 90 - Storm Signal
 Block 72 - Railroad
Block 84 - Spool
 Block 86 - Squash Blossom
 Block 93 - Swallow
 Block 108 - Windmill (love me a good polka dot)
 Block 46 - Hill & Valley (switched this one around a little)
 Block 85 - Square Dance
 Block 68 - Postage Stamp (there's just something I love about these adorable 1" squares)
Block 103 - Whirlwind
And last but not least: (drumroll please.....)
Block 87 - Star Gardener
What a fun project this has been.  You really should consider giving it a go if you like scrappy projects.  And other exciting news: I finally made myself a design wall of sorts.  Not the highest-tech thing, but it was fast and cheap - 2 necessary things in my life. 
Nothing more than a $3 picnic tablecoth from Walmart thumb-tacked into the wall (back side out), but the blocks stick, and now the kids aren't gonna be walking all over them during the next few weeks as I try to get them all sewn together.  Which is what I'm doing now. 
Cutting. Sashing. Strips.
All 198 of them.


  1. 198?! Way to go =) It's gonna be one awesome quilt!

    1. Haha, yes - 198. But they went pretty fast, since I stacked them 4 deep, and did 8 strips at a time.

  2. Waiting to see it finished¡¡¡


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