Tuesday, February 05, 2013

:: Washi dress

As I was sewing dresses for my girls, the entire time I kept thinking: "I wish I could find a pattern for a cute little dress for me.  One I could wear over leggings, jeans, or with tights and tall boots.  And one that doesn't look too *homemade*."  Then I saw this Washi dress pattern used on one of my favorite blogs
I was a little intimidated when I realized it called for elastic thread in the back of the dress, and a technique called "shirring".  But bless the wonderful tool we have - the Internet.  I googled it and came across another great blog that gave clear and simple instructions.  And when I tried it, I was A.MAZED!  So easy, and so satisfying to think I learned another new thing.  Now you see why I'm so hooked on blogs.  They have taught me SO MUCH.  I only hope someday I can give back to other people wanting to learn, like I have been blessed.

I am in-love with this little dress, and have already promised to make my sister one (for a late birthday present).  I can tell these will be great in the summer, too.  Feminine, but not fancy.

Please excuse the self-photography.  Never patient enough to wait for Josh to come home and take pictures.  =)


  1. SO CUTE!! I'd be making them in every color if I were you =)

  2. I just made this as well, for my summer holiday to France, I can't wait to wear it and I'll definitely make some more. I love the colour of yours :D x


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