Wednesday, May 29, 2013

:: One Line A Day: a 5-year memory book

Today marks my three-year anniversary of this little memory book.  The entries are simple:  "one line" for each day (for 5 years):  one memory from the adorable thing one of the kids thing I never want to forget after these years of parenting are over.   Things like my 3-year-old saying, "I'm not cold, but my hands are like ice and cubes", the day Jack (8) learned to drive the riding lawn mower, Audrey (5) saying "Mom, I know why shredded wheat is called shredded wheat.  It's because it's made out of shreds", or the time I found Ellie (5) changing Blaize's dirty diaper.  It's simple enough that I actually do it.  Either at bedtime, or first thing the next morning as I'm having my quiet time.  And I know that not only will I love going back and remembering, but my children will love learning little things about themselves as they get older.  Already they *beg* me to read to them out of it.

Sometimes the days fly by in a blur of daily-ness (meals, cleanup, laundry, school, diapers, parks, bath times, bedtime) and it's so easy to forget the little details that make raising these kids of ours worth it.  Since I began writing in it, I've become much more aware of the need to "notice" these details.
Often I give this as a gift at 1-year-old birthdays.  Of course, I didn't buy it just because of the adorable aqua cover with gold pages =), but that didn't hurt, either.  If you think you want to start one yourself, of buy one for someone you know, you can find them here.  You will be so glad you did. 

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