Wednesday, November 28, 2012

:: The Tooth Fairy

Thanksgiving Day was an extra-special day for this girl. She lost her first front tooth, and the other is almost ready.
 I've been meaning to make this tooth fairy pillow for months now.   Up until this point, we've never really had a tradition or "system" for lost teeth.   So this was the push I needed to get it done.

We've had the flu these past few days, with the 3rd child throwing up all day today.  So our schedule has slowed, and we are taking things easy here. 
Today I sat on the couch with the kids, tried to teach the math concept of "carrying" over to the ten's column, read books, threaded (and re-threaded) needles for the children as they worked on their little embroidery pictures, caught vomit in bowls, gave baths, and nursed my baby.
Ellie and I both learned a new sewing stitch today.  Me the blanket stitch, and Ellie the back stitch.
I love learning new things, and I love watching someone else learn something new.  What a great day, to be able to do both.  =)
So... back to the Tooth Fairy Pillow.  You're dying, I know. So here's how to make it: 
Cut 1 "tooth" out of a piece of white fleece.
*Note: I forgot to sew the eyes/mouth on before I began attaching it to the felt square. So, follow the written instructions, and you'll be fine.

Now attatch rest of tooth to the pillow with a blanket stitch (leaving the top open for the tooth and money!).
Cut ribbon to desired length (remember to include seam allowance).
Place 2 pins in top corners, holding ribbon till you sew it.
Place 2 more pins to make bottom opening (for adding stuffing).  Begin blanket stitching from first pin, up sides, around top, and down to other pin.

Stuff and pin closed.
Stitch to close.  You're done!  And look how cute it is.
 Now we're ready for that 2nd front tooth to come out.  Just in time for Christmas. =)  I love it.  Maybe, just maybe, she will sing for me.

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