Wednesday, November 07, 2012

:: Harvest Party

This year we hosted a Harvest Party out at our place, the weekend before Halloween.  Every single person, regardless of age, showed up in a costume.
Audrey and Me

Josh & Jack
Each family brought a game for everyone to do, so there were relay races... scavenger hunts... pumpkin painting... a photo booth... pinatas... cookie decorating...

Hannah and Grandad
Jordan, Marshall (Axel) & Jenni
...Scooby Doo action going on...

cookie decorating
Audrey & Mumum
...much to the delight of the boys there, Batman and the Joker even made an appearance!
Justin & Jordan
We also had "da boyz from da hood"...

Keith, Jonny (Whitney) & Josh
as well as the fairies who were their wives...
(lets just say they need fairies for wives, with getup's
like those!)
Joanna, Me & Cara

...and LOTS of delicious food.

It was a blast, and I think we may have to do it again next year!


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