Thursday, November 29, 2012

:: Baby Quilt #2 - Houndstooth

So now that you know about the baby girl quilt I made, it's time to talk baby boy quilt.   Before Blaize was born, we hardly dared to hope it might be a boy.  And even though NOT finding out what we were having was hard... Oh, it is so incredible at the end!

And after seeing this pattern, I knew I wanted to make a houndstooth baby quilt.

The backing fabric was a vintage print of Goldilocks and the 3 bears.  But it was really the bears that won my heart.  Especially "mummy bear".

I machine quilted it using my walking foot, in a simple grid pattern.  Not too much to make it stiff, but enough to give it texture.
Baby Blaize sleeps under it every night, and I love seeing that houndstooth peek out of his crib at me every time I walk in the room..  Almost as much as I love seeing his little face peek out above it.  =)
Quilt Pattern:  Houndstooth - by V and Co
fabric:  Moda Bella Solids, Bunny Hill Blue
white and background (not sure)


  1. That houndstooth quilt is so classy and modern and vintage at the same time. I love it, especially in the subtle light grey blue. And the simple stitching complements it so well. Gorgeous :)

    1. Kels,
      thanks for all your sweet comments. they made my day!


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