Thursday, October 11, 2012

:: Pallet Art

We don't own one piece of expensive art in our house.  Not that I wouldn't love some - it just never makes the cut, budget-wise.  Inspired by my bare walls and the many ideas on Pinterest, I decided to try making some (being the artist that I am not).  I told Josh I was using "reclaimed lumber", and when I saw the blank look, I explaind:  pallet boards.  But it sounds so much more hip and trendy saying it the other way.

So, not knowing exactly how to dissasemble the pallets, I used a small sledge hammer to whack them apart.  It worked. =)  I then removed (some of) the rusty nails, and let my man take over from there. =)

Once he had the boards assembled, I used this method to paint my lettering.  I'm not gonna lie.  It wasn't easy.  I had to press so hard to make even a faint outline of the letters; but it probably didn't help that I was using old, hardend boards. 

Once the paint dried, I used a rough piece of sandpaper and rubbed over the lettering, giving it a weathered look, suitable for the aged wood.

It's going in my boys' bathroom, and I can't wait to get 'er hung.  Here's hoping that if they have enough years to read it, the message will brainwash them sink in and help them hold fast through the teen years. 
For me: I would absolutely love to know if there is an easier way to do lettering!

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