Monday, October 22, 2012

:: On the needles again

I love knitting.  But there are times when my needles sit silent, especially during hot months.  When the air begins to cool and the evenings get dark earlier, I begin searching for a portable hand-project I can carry from room to room in the evenings as I listen to my man read bedtime stories to our little ones, or as we watch seasons of unbeatable Andy Griffith, borrowed from the library.

I love the feel of the smooth needles, the tug of the yarn through my hand, and watching something shape from nothing.

I especially love casting off.  The excitement (and anxiety) of trying it on for the first time.  Hoping it fits, and that it will be loved.

My boy has been waiting a year for this cap to start, and finish.  He is so patient.  I used a chunky yarn, so it knit up quick, once I begun, that is!

You can see more info (and pattern) here on Ravelry.

Now it's on to the next idea.  Can't wait to show you!

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