Wednesday, September 26, 2012

:: Different

Two weeks ago Josh left on a 5-day hunting trip.

...hiking over hills, down canyons, up mountains.  Everywhere. 

...All in hopes of accomplishing this:

I'm so glad Josh loves getting out in the great outdoors, having male bonding times (which must happen better when no one has showered in days), and bringing meat home for the family.

However, while he was gone, I was at home, sleeping in a soft bed, showering regularly, feeding the kids frozen pre-made foods for dinner, and skipping sleep to work with this scrumptiousness!

Planning (in my own elementary way) quilts for my 3 little girlies.

I've started the first one.  The fabric is dreamy, and I'm in heaven.  And I'm thanking the good Lord he made me a girl instead of a boy.  =)

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