Thursday, October 03, 2013

:: What I've been sewing lately...

I'm knee-deep in quilts for my 3 girls' room.  "Swell" is a simple pattern, but when you multiply it by 3, it has become a bit never-ending for me sometimes.
I do most of my sewing at night after the kids are in bed.  It's just so nice to have that little bit of quiet time to myself.  Sewing, and thinking.
This week I finished all 400 mini-blocks and needed a fast way to mix them up and get them ready to be randomly sewn together.  I tried something I've never done before.
 I put them in the dryer on a low-heat setting, and gave them a good tossing for a minute or two.
 I think it's the most beautiful basket of laundry I've ever had.

And now I'm ready for more sewing.
UPDATE: to see the finished quilts, click here.


  1. Hi Julia, I found your gorgeous blog via IG. Your girls are so lucky to be having these gorgeous quilts made..... I look forward to seeing them grow..... Nicky in NZ

    1. Hi Nicky,
      thank you. I hope they like them too. Thanks for reading this little blog!

  2. Love your idea of putting the blocks in the dry to mix them up. I just started quilting and that is such a great tip.

    1. It worked so well! I'll certainly be doing it again. Glad you learned something new along with me!


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