Saturday, July 20, 2013

:: Square One quilt finished

Recently I finished up my Square One quilt I blogged about last November.  I began it a few years ago (yes, years), and finally finished up.  One thing I do:  I finish things - even if it takes me a long time.  But that's how it goes when you have a house full of sweet children, summer in swing, painting projects (my family is sick of hearing about my gray paint woes), company in town, and constant trips to the pool.  Sewing is such a great hobby for me, though.  It doesn't have to be rushed, and it's one of the few things in my life that sits patiently and waits for me.
I'm always an equal mixture of nervousness and excitement whenever I prepare to start free-motion quilting.  It's probably one of my favorite parts, because it's the most challenging for me.  I bought my little Bernina 1001 in 1996 with the gift money given to me for my high school graduation.  It's a solid mechanical machine, with no bells and whistles, but it sews smooth straight seams and holds up like a champ.  And I figure if I can learn to free-motion quilt on this little lady, I can upgrade someday without feeling like I'm cheating.  =)
This pattern used honey bun rolls (1.5" strips) and used the leftover strips to make a scrappy, raw-edge binding.  It's the first raw edge binding I've ever done, and I'm in love with the way it instantly makes a quilt look soft and loved.  And it's just plain fun to try something new.
I changed the layout of this quilt to be a longer, narrower rectangle.  Since Colorado cools down so nicely in the evenings, in the morning we use quilts to snuggle under as we have our quiet times.  I wanted this quilt to be just wide enough to cover little toes, but long enough to cover multiple little bodies sitting in a row.
'Finished size: 74"x45"
Quilt fabric: Moda Arcadia
Solid fabric: Moda Bella solid Snow
Pattern: Square One in Camille Roskelley's book Simplify
 My, it feels good to finish something.  And to be able to use it - even better!

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  1. LOVE this one. And changing the size to be longer & narrower to fit several sitting together...genius!


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