Thursday, April 18, 2013

:: 5 today

This girl of ours is 5 today.  It seems like less than 2 years ago, late in the night, I was yelling at my husband that he better be able to get me from the bathtub, to his truck, before the next contraction hit.  I admit, I dislike pain. =)
But she was worth every bit.  Audrey is a vital part of our family.  She always knows where her things are, she puts her laundry away in her drawers in neat piles, she remembers to bring her shoes inside so the dog doesn't chew them up.  Her laugh is infectious, and she insists on doing things herself. (quite a blessing when you're the 3rd)  Her hair and clothes have to be a particular way, she loves tying ribbons around her waist, she loves wearing dresses and skirts, and she especially loves her blankie (deedee) and her finger.
We love you girl.  Even more this year.

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