Thursday, December 20, 2012

:: Right Now



Right now I am:
:: thankful for beautiful, simple, Christmas things surrounding us
:: listening to Michale Buble's "Let It Snow"
:: enjoing the bounty of wrapped gifts under the tree
:: glad for the tiny Red Rainboots (given to my by a sweet sister and friend) sitting on my kitchen windowsill - a gentle reminder to not get frustrated by the many tiny scraps of paper forever covering our school room floor
:: making hot cocoa for children come in, cold from sledding
:: trying to teach the children (3-8yrs) to hang up their piles of outdoor clothing after coming in!
:: loving the smell of clean laundry as we fold - using this laundry system - which has saved my life
:: thinking on Kathleen Nelson's prompting about priorities: "...task while mothering - don't mother while tasking"
:: noticing everyone drawn to the living room by the heat of the woodstove, as snow swirls outdoors
:: watching a box of Cuties last only a few days
:: pondering thoughts from the book, "A Joyful Mother of Children" by Linda J. Eyre

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